anti-wrinkle injections and facials
anti-wrinkle injections and facials


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About Perfect Shape Clinic

Experience smoother, brighter, and more youthful looks with our signature facial treatments, anti-wrinkle injections and bio-fillers. Our doctors are dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty and providing you with a welcoming and pleasant experience. They can give you an honest assessment, recommending the best and most cost-effective combination of treatments for your skin type and features.

All our treatments are delivered by Medical Professionals, adhering to highest standards of care.


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Best aesthetics clinic for antiwrinkle-injections, fillers, facials and weight loss near Colne, Blackburn, Burnley, Nelson, Barrowford, Skipton, Barnoldswick, Clitheroe, Brierfield, Whalley, Accrington, Padiham

Our Services

We provide anti-wrinkle injections to upper and lower face, correcting neck folds and masseter shaping to help you achieve desired appearance.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections
PRP and Skin Boosters

Our facial aesthetics treatments offer various options including skin tightening with radiofrequency, gentle peels, lifting with bio-fillers, correcting double chin and under-eye hollow to carefully balance your features for a youthful appearance.

Facial Aesthetics

We specialise in the application of modern skin restorative techniques using Platelet Rich Plasma, biostimulators such as sculptra, polynucleotides, neofound and profhilo.

Frequently asked questions

How can I book a Free consultation?

You can call us on 07981103462 or email us at You can also complete an enquiry form below or book online here

What are best anti-ageing treatment for people over 50 years?

It all depends on your skin type, facial features, your main concerns and the type of results you are after. Our most popular treatments are aimed at giving you a refreshed look with minimalist enhancements using all natural products and stimulating your own skin's ability to remodulate itself.

How long does a consultation last?

Taking your photographs and discussing possible treatment options takes around 20-30 minutes. If slots are available you can get your first treatment thereafter.

Is there free parking near the clinic?

We are very easy to find on the Church street, Colne city centre, see our GPS location below. There is plenty of free parking available nearby.

Why are you named as the best aesthetics clinic in the area?

Firstly our treatments are delivered by highly trained and experienced medical doctors. Our signature treatment protocols have been developed and tested over years for their effectiveness, safety and consistency of results.

Do you offer treatment for male clients?

Yes - we do offer exclusive treatments for men. Plasma glow, hair regrowth and anti-wrinkle injections are our most sought after treatments by male clients.

What is the usual downtime after the treatments?

We use minimally invasive techniques and other than temporary redness and slight swelling at the needle point there is virtually no downtime after the treatment.

How long do the treatments last?

All depends on the treatment modality. In case of our signature treatments the beneficial effect can last for years depending on your after care & skin routine.

Where can I see before and after photos?

You can see before after photos in our blogs or on our social media pages. We respect privacy of our clients and do not post any photos without explicit consent.

Can I get any discounts?

Our pricing is very competitive and affordable. On top of that, we do offer promotions time to time. Please visit our promotions page to see latest discounts and offers.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes you can set up a payment plan by direct debit. Please discuss with our team and they will be happy to set that up for you. If you wish to join a membership plan for exclusive pricing and discounts, please ask us.

Do you offer any body sculpting or weight management treatments?

Yes we do. If you have any particular concern about your appearance or are looking for weight management support, book a consultation to discuss options.

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